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Greenlight Supershow Highlights Indie Co-Op Titles
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Greenlight Supershow Highlights Indie Co-Op Titles

Check out Retrobooster, FORCED, BroForce, and more

Looking for a way to spend your Saturday afternoon? You're in luck! A handful of independent developers have teamed up to show off their games, chat with fans, and, hopefully, get some support for their game on Steam Greenlight. The Greenlight Supershow kicked off at 10:30 AM EDT this morning with a stream of over 20 different games currently seeking support on the Greenlight service. The list of games, which can be found after the break, includes a number of cooperative titles, including FORCEDRetrobooster, and BroForce. So hop on over to the live stream to check out a few titles and show some support.

Here's a list of all the games being shown today, along with what time they'll be up:

Chasm - 11:00 AM
Syder Arcade - 11:30 AM
Ray's the Dead - 12:00 PM
Castaway Paradise - 12:30 PM
FORCED [ co-op game] - 1:30 PM

BroForce [co-op game] - 2:00 PM
Dukes and Dirigibles - 2:30 PM
Girls Like Robots - 3:00 PM
The Red Solstice [co-op game] - 4:00 PM
Rollers of the Realm - 4:30 PM

Escape Goat - 5:00 PM
GoD Factory: Wingmen - 5:30 PM
Black Annex - 6:00 PM
Delver's Drop [co-op game] - 7:00 PM
Signs of Life [co-op game] - 7:30 PM
Paranautical Activity - 8:00 PM

McDroid [co-op game] - 8:30 PM
Dino Run SE - 9:00 PM
Hoodwink - 9:30 PM
8BitMMO - 10:00 PM
Retrobooster [co-op game] - 10:30 PM
InFlux - 11:00 PM
Tower of Guns - 11:30 PM