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Battle Llamas

Minecraft Dungeons Co-Op Stream Recap and Impressions

Minecraft is the top selling video game of all time, starting at its roots as a small indie game all the way to the franchise being purchased by Microsoft. It spawned an entire genre of video games and continues to be insanely popular among families of gamers. Spin-offs were inevitable, the first was a proper "story" game in Minecraft Adventures and now players will get an action rpg flavor in Minecraft Dungeons.

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The former Microsoft streaming service, "Beam," gets an update

Stream Cooperatively with Mixer

Live streaming is all the rage these days and there are a variety of services, like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Smashcast, that allow gamers to watch others or show off their own gaming skills to others. Microsoft has been working on their own service, originally called "Beam," that's gotten a major overhaul along with a new name. Now called "Mixer," four gamers can pool their streams together into one broadcast (dubbed "co-streaming") for some co-op friendly streaming.

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Check out Retrobooster, FORCED, BroForce, and more

Greenlight Supershow Highlights Indie Co-Op Titles

Looking for a way to spend your Saturday afternoon? You're in luck! A handful of independent developers have teamed up to show off their games, chat with fans, and, hopefully, get some support for their game on Steam Greenlight. The Greenlight Supershow kicked off at 10:30 AM EDT this morning with a stream of over 20 different games currently seeking support on the Greenlight service. The list of games, which can be found after the break, includes a number of cooperative titles, including FORCEDRetrobooster, and BroForce. So hop on over to the live stream to check out a few titles and show some support.

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Dead Block Now Available on PC

In case you missed it: Dead Block recently launched on PC.  It's a tower defense/action game where four players battle against, wait for it, a ZOMBIE HORDE!  Set in the 1950s, the invention of Rock n' Roll has spawned a "musical plague" which threatens all of mankind.  Build traps and barricades, upgrade weapons, and use one of three unique characters to survive the night.  The stylized graphics and campy humor may make this title worth another look. 

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