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Turtle Rock Founder Talks Evolve's Co-Op
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Turtle Rock Founder Talks Evolve's Co-Op

How things have changed since the Left 4 Dead Days

The folks down at Turtle Rock Studios take co-op very seriously. They'd have to, given they were the developers of Left 4 Dead, which is one of the cornerstones of recent co-op titles. Turtle Rock isn't about to rest on their laurels by making Evolve a four player zombie genocide simulator, however. Innovation drives the industry, of course.

Our friends down at VG247 caught a hot interview with Chris Ashton, Turtle Rock Founder and design director for Evolve, about the upcoming giant alien hunting expedition, and the philosophy behind modern co-op. It also serves as an affirmation that Evolve is not just a retread of the Left 4 Dead formula. 

And to clarify: the monster may be controlled by the AI. This was confirmed by the dev team itself on their twitter.

Check out the interview here.

Class based abilities in a multiplayer shooter?! What is this, Borderlands?

It's really refreshing to hear their take on multiplayer as a whole differs from what we've seen previously. Noting the classes play so differently from one another adds a new level of strategy when confronting mutant atrocities, and the implied learning curve for each ensures switching classes will offer new experience each time. Of course, you could really shake things up and decide roles in a "musical chairs" fashion, so your designated tank can fly, and your medic has a minigun.

Evolve is due out sometime Q3 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Vg247.com