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DLC Inbound to Evolve, Starting March 31st
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DLC Inbound to Evolve, Starting March 31st

Evolve your game with a new monster, new hunters, and new maps

A bunch of new content is coming to squad shooter Evolve at the very end of this month. It's coming in the form of DLC, some paid and some free, so all players will find something to freshen up their Evolve experience. Here's the breakdown of the DLC:

New Monster: Behemoth

Price: $14.99 (free to those who pre-ordered, as part of the Monster Expansion Pack)

Details: The largest monster that will ever be in Evolve. You can find more details about the Behemoth on Turtle Rock's website.

Release: March 31st (all platforms)


New Hunters: Torvald (Assault), Crow (Trapper), Slim (Medic), Sunny (Support)

Price: $7.49 each (also part of the Evolve Hunting Season Pass, which is $24.99)

Details: You can find backstory and weapon/skill information for each of the new hunters on Turtle Rock's website.

Release: March 31st (all platforms)


New Maps: Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry

Price: Free to all players

Details: Adds new campaign effects to Evacuation mode

Release: March 31st for Xbox 360; April 30th for PS4 and PC


New Feature: Observer Mode

Price: Free

Details: Allows a sixth user to enter a custom game of Evolve as a spectator. This user can switch between the viewpoints of all five hunter and monster players.

Release: March 31st

One important note about all of this DLC is that players that did not purchase any of the hunter or monster DLC can still player alongside or against the new hunters and Behemoth. So no worries about splitting the community up.

Evolve is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with 4-player online co-op. We gave it a 4.5 out of 5. So what do you guys think - are you planning on picking up any of the paid DLC? What do you think of the free DLC?

Source: Evolvegame.com

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