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Retrobooster Gets an Update, On Sale Now
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Retrobooster Gets an Update, On Sale Now

The twin stick cave-flyer gets some tweaks and improvements

You may remember a little indie title we've talked about here before called Retrobooster. While the co-op aspects may not have been everything we were quite looking for, the game itself is a solid twin-stick shooter/cave-flyer. The developer, Terry Welsh, once worked for NASA on some of their simulators and that background definitely shows in the game's controls. It's well worth a play and not only can you get the 1.1 version now, you can also get it on sale for the next couple days.

The biggest thing added with the update is support for multiple-monitors so you can enjoy the game spread across all of your monitors, you PC Master Race gamer, you. It looks really good, too.

The rest of the updates were a few small tweaks. From the Retrobooster‚Äč site:

  • Added widescreen support for multi-monitor configurations.
  • Horizontal and vertical field of view will not go below 30 degrees, so the game will be playable with extreme aspect ratios.
  • Updated levels so the edges cannot be seen and updated glow effect so it does not appear stretched when using extreme aspect ratios.
  • Better distribution of player viewports when using extreme aspect ratios during multiplayer games.
  • Added slider bar for positioning HUD elements so they can be moved onto the center monitor.
  • Added statistics at end of each level: score per level, time per level, total game time, and frags (in deathmatch games). Speedrunners, these timers are for you.
  • Rescuing a human now boosts whichever is lower, health or shields. Previously, one would be boosted at random.
  • Fixed small user interface quirks and bugs.

The game is currently only on sale through the Retrobooster site, but Terry is getting closer and closer to the required magical number of votes to get Greenlit on Steam. So if you're digging what the game's putting down, hop on over to the Steam Greenlight page and give it a thumbs up.