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Feast Your Eyes on Destiny Gameplay
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Feast Your Eyes on Destiny Gameplay

And behold: More Future Capes!

Summer is nearly upon us and with it, Destiny launches into beta for pre-orders "while supplies last." With the beta so close, they're bound to have some kind of gameplay to show for it, right?

In line with their recently revamped website, Bungie has released nearly seven minutes of official gameplay from a mission titled "The Devil's Lair." The objective of this mission is to "destroy the machine god," which sounds pretty important to me.

Take a look.

Is there a person on the end of that drone-robot thing hacking the Mesh Generator, or is that an exasperated AI fretting about work conditions? I sure hope it's the second one. 

The most interesting element of the scenario is the two different types of enemies (Hive and Fallen) fighting each other as well as the Guardians. While hopefully most encounters won't devolve into "let the bad guys kill each other, then dance across their corpses," that seems like an interesting way to set up some combat puzzles.

We are expecting more Destiny announcements at E3 this year, with the beta following shortly after that. The beta arrives first on Sony Platforms, before coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.