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Destiny PS4 Giveaway, Winter's Run Co-Op Stream Recap
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Destiny PS4 Giveaway, Winter's Run Co-Op Stream Recap

Win a copy of Destiny, and watch some of the game too.

Last night we took a run at one of the three player co-op strike missions on Venus in Bungie's Destiny. And of course, since this is 2014, we decided to stream it to the internet for all to see. After showcasing each classes skills and taking down the evil Archon Priest, we decided to head back to the tower for a community Q&A session.

We take questions live from our chat room and give our impressions of Destiny, above and beyond stuff that was discussed in our review that went live yesterday. So have we piqued your interest in the game? Haven't snagged it yet on PS4? Disappointed in the lack of split-screen play and want a copy for a friend? We have good news Guardian, we're giving a copy of the game away to one lucky community member.

To enter just click the "Enter Contest" button below. You can enter once per day until the contest ends on September 19th at noon Eastern. Good luck and thanks for watching and reading.



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