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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Headed to PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One
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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Headed to PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One

Did you think the PS4 would have all the fun?

Blizzard was merely playing coy in only announcing Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for the Playstation 4. Announced on Monday, the suped up console version of Diablo III is also crash landing on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. Previous gen consoles (the PS3 and the 360) are running for $39.99, while the current gen versions come in at $59.99.

Already emotionally attached to your character in Diablo III? Fear not! Characters on both Microsoft and Sony platforms can be transferred into Ultimate Evil Edition. Playing a Witch Doctor on your PS3? Port that frog-exploder over to the PS3 or PS4 version of Ultimate Evil. Got a Monk on your 360? No problem. Haul your demon puncher over to your new version with no issues.

Blizzard named some notable improvements to Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition:

  • A revamp of the game's loot system
  • An expanded Paragon progression system for max-level characters
  • Adventure Mode: A new game mode that gives players the freedom to go anywhere and slay anything
  • Apprentice mode boosts low-level players' power while adventuring with high-level friends, making it easier than ever to play together
  • Players will also be able to share treasures with other players on their friends lists via an in-game mail system, including mysterious Player Gifts containing rare loot for the adventurer whose name they bear.
  • Bounties: Randomized objectives that reward players in new ways for exploring Sanctuary
  • Nephalem Rifts: Fully randomized dungeons offering endless replayability and heaps of loot
  • Level Cap to 70: Formidable new spells and abilities that take players to new heights of power
  • The Mystic: A powerful new artisan who provides heroes with loot-customization options

 We thought Reaper of Souls was pretty dope. If the console is the vehicle for your devil slaughtering, you owe it to yourself to pick up this revamped edition.