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[E3 2014] - JUJU Gets its Co-Op Debut
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[E3 2014] - JUJU Gets its Co-Op Debut

Adorable pandas and funky lizards working together as nature intended

First announced last month as "Juju and Peyo," the newly re-titled JUJUthe latest from developer Flying Wild Hog, is getting its co-op debut with a new video focused on that one thing we all love: cooperation.

The title has a definite Rare/Donkey Kong Country vibe to it, which I'm ok with as that series had some of the best platformers back in the days of SNES. Check out the action in this new trailer for the game.

Justin got some time with the game yesterday, along with a chance to chat with the game's creative directory. Be sure to keep watching our E3 2014 coverage for more info!