• Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
[E3 2014] - Juju Hands On Demo
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[E3 2014] - Juju Hands On Demo

Co-op for all skill levels

Many games boast pick-up-an-play, but few actually are. Luckily for you and whoever else happens to be on your couch, Juju really is. In two player local co-op, players control Juju and Peyo through multiple environments as they try to rescue Juju's father who has been captured.

Juju is designed to be played by gamers of any skill level, but built specifically with pairs where one individual is newer to gaming and not as experienced. It’s this design choice that makes Juju perfect for parent - child, or big sibling - little sibling combinations. When one player loses all their health, they don’t die but instead are placed into a bubble that floats to the other player and is popped. The player can do this at any point manually by pressing the select button on the controller, which is an option someone might use when they begin to feel overwhelmed, or if they can’t make a specific jump.

[E3 2014] - Juju Hands On DemoDon’t call Juju a kid’s game, but instead call it family friendly. The mechanics implemented into the gameplay allow for players with the most basic understanding of video games to enjoy, but the challenges of platforming and taking out enemies provides a worthy challenge for skilled players. If both players feel they have what it takes, they can amp up the difficulty and even unlock a nightmare mode. With over 35 levels at about 10 minutes each, the title sounds like it will have a lot of replay value. 

Juju launches this fall for PC and PS3, and Flying Wild Hog hopes to bring it to Xbox 360 as well.