Come Visit the Midlands of Far Cry 4
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Come Visit the Midlands of Far Cry 4

Birmingham, Wolverhampton and West Brom

The Midlands, a magical place full of heavy industry and the UK's second largest city.  A great place to visit, but last time I looked Far Cry 4 was not set in Birmingham.  My mistake, this new trailer for the game highlights some of the locations of The midlands of Kyrat. 

Despite the shortage of canals and football teams, the new trailer for Far Cry 4 is still making the game look gorgeous.  The midlands contains the Himalayas so you will get avalanches, wolves and caves.  Of course it would appear that the deadliest element remains man:

Far Cry 4's launch is only a couple of weeks away on 18th November and will be coming to both generations of Sony and Microsoft platforms, as well as PC.  The game is mainly solo, but it does offer many co-operative missions that can be played in co-op online.