Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Release Day Delivery Deals
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Release Day Delivery Deals

Both Microsoft Store and Walmart are offering release day delivery guarantees

Next week, Sledgehammer Games unveils the 11th installment of the COD series: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If you know you're going to pick up the game on Day One anyway, consider pre-ordering a copy this week while you can pick up a?host of digital bonuses and even a few monetary incentives from select retailers (plus a few select retailers are throwing in guaranteed release day delivery so you can avoid the hassle of heading to a store).

Every pre-order copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is considered a "Day Zero Edition". This entitles the purchaser to a 24-hour head start, beginning November 3rd. On that day, you'll also get a double XP bonus for fast leveling. Beyond that, there are four in-game item bonuses, including a brass-plated futuristic AK assault rifle and an energy beam weapon.

Beyond "Day Zero", a few retailers are offering up their own pre-order incentives:

  • Microsoft Store $59.99 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
  • Free Xbox $10 gift card plus Free Release Day Delivery
  • Bonus: Xbox Rewards Live Members instead get 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards Points

If you're an Xbox One or 360 owner, this is probably your best pre-order buying option. The MS Store will email out the $10 gift card, which is actually more of a gift code. From there, you can enter and redeem on Xbox Live. If you happen to be an Xbox Live Rewards member (free signup here), there's a chance to pick up 15,000 points. You will need your Xbox Live email and Microsoft Store account email to match up, but then you'll receive the points in place of the $10 gift code. Those 15,000 points are equivalent to $15 - a slightly better bonus. Better than perhaps all those incentives is free release day arrival shipping. Pre-order by Thursday, October 30th at 5PM Eastern and you'll have the game delivered to your door on November 3rd free of charge.

GameStop has a 15% off pre-order video game coupon code for select PC titles. The coupon only works on pre-orders and only on digital downloads sold through GameStop. In order to get the discount, you'll have to use the coupon before Advanced Warfare's November 4th release date.

For the PlayStation 4/3 buyers out there, you might want to look into this offer. Those who have a "My Best Buy" Rewards card or number will get a bonus $10 in points for pre-ordering Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. While free release day arrival shipping is not an option, you can choose to pick the game up in store at checkout if you want it on Day One.

  • Walmart $59.99 (All Platforms)
  • Free Release Day Arrival Shipping Guaranteed

While maybe not as strong of an incentive at previously mentioned retailers, it is notable that Wally World is tossing in free release day arrival shipping. You'll find that option at other retailers, but only if you're willing to fork over more money. Not so at Walmart.