Gauntlet DS Is About to Die!
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Gauntlet DS Is About to Die!

The original Gauntlet was one of the first, and arguably the greatest, co-op experiences in video game history.  The Gauntlet Legends series of remakes was pretty good too.  As of late, though, the Gauntlet name has been fading somewhat.  Gauntlet Seven Sorrows was seen by many as a step backwards.

However, a version for the DS has been in development, and all indications were promising.  The DS would seem like a natural fit for some co-op hack and slash on the go, wouldn't it?  Sadly, it appears that Gauntlet DS may in fact be cancelled.  Online retailers have pulled the game from their product pages, and there is no mention of the game at publisher Eidos' site.  We'll keep you posted when more details become available.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this game makes it onto store shelves!