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A History of Co-Op Gaming
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A History of Co-Op Gaming

We've had our eye on this article for quite some time, and since our resident classic co-op guy (that would be me!) has been away from his beloved MAME cabinet this week, the time is now right.  TechRadar's The History of Co-Op Gaming is an excellent read for any fan of co-op.

Gauntlet, Contra, and Smash TV are all discussed, which pleases us since we've covered all those for Co-Op Classics in the past in some form.  Gauntlet is cited as one of the earliest co-op games, and the lessons learned from that game even effect modern co-op games.  The article doesn't follow a strict chronology, instead focusing on innovations like the MMO and voice communication.

Hopefully sometime soon, we'll have a more detailed history of co-op gaming here at Co-Optimus (yeah we should have thought of this first).  In the meantime, head over to TechRadar and tell us what you think!