Have You Seen the Colosseum...in Gauntlet?
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Have You Seen the Colosseum...in Gauntlet?

We look at Season 1 in this quick video

We've enjoyed the Gauntlet reboot quite a bit. The game takes everything we liked in the original and gives it a fresh modern spin. The devs at Arrowhead Games and Warner Bros. are continuing to support the title, adding in new content like the Necromancer (for a price) and new modes of play like the Colosseum (for free).

It's the latter we are most interested in for our latest Co-Op Twitch Stream. Last night we took on a few maps, earned a few capes, and enjoyed a brutal slaying in three player co-op for Gauntlet. It's OK, we're world ranked. Just don't ask us where in the world we are ranked.