Heists Addition to GTA Online Also Included Fixes and Updates
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Heists Addition to GTA Online Also Included Fixes and Updates

No wonder it was 5 Gb

If you spent the weekend planning and executing some co-op Heists with your friends in GTA Online, you may have noticed a few other tweaks and changes. It seems Heists came with update 1.21, which had a slew of fixes and patches.

Most of the fixes included address existing issues or small bugs that exist within the game, as opposed to anything specific to Heists. There are a few additions, though, that help with finding the Heists missions:

  • A new UI and color scheme has been added for player phones to allow Heist related activities and invites to stand out. All Heist related invites are green
  • New functionality has been added to allow players to Email each other across sessions. This can be accessed via the Eyefind.info homepage when using the in-game internet
  • Apartments with an active Heist waiting to be started are blipped green and flash to notify players that a Heist is available
  • Players can choose which of their Personal Vehicles to take on a Heist while on the Outfit selection screen

The full list of fixes can be found on Rockstar's site.

Now that it's finally here, what do you think? Was it worth the wait?

Source: Vg247.com

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