Shrimpers Forever Volume Eight: Look Out, It's Season Two!
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Shrimpers Forever Volume Eight: Look Out, It's Season Two!

Shrimpers Squad 2.0: Now with 25% more skill!

Welcome, one and all, to a tale as old as a couple months ago.  We revisit our heroes only weeks after their promotion from League 2 and the celebrations that ensued.  Many of the cast has moved on to greener pastures (the free agency market) to accomplish wondrous things (desperately hope for a contract offer), but the few that remain, those loyal few, they will be the catalysts that spur us on to greater glories.

Oh, and who's this here?  Why, it's Chester McSlappy himself, hard at work scouring the globe for players who both have working legs and fit into his miniscule wage budget.  Good luck out there, Chester!  I hear the soccer fields in South Korea are ripe for harvesting.

And over there!  Well, if it isn't Ruben "Big Body" Reid on his way out the door to Bolton Wanderers!  Obviously his half-season at the Loading Dock impressed neither him nor the alien (robot?) overlords comprising Southend's board of directors.  Au revoir, Ruben!  We'd say we'll miss you but we fear being struck down by whatever divine being heard such a lie.

Oh my!  Who's this young lad on his way down from Newcastle?  You're a long way from the Tyne, Adam Armstrong, and you've got quite the boots to fill over the next season.  Word of advice: the Bull Mastiff smell goes away with time, but the growling spectre of Sunil Chettri won't soon disperse.  Perhaps it's best to let it guide you.

Boy howdy, the Loading Dock sure gives off a pleasant aura these days, but I suppose things are never quite as they seem.  Not with Tex Smith around, anyway.  He'll find a way back into Chester's plans soon enough.


Hey there!  It's me, Enoch Starnes, co-host of Shrimpers Forever.  Taylor and I have been aching to return to the Shrimpers' tale, and we love having you along for the ride.  We've got some great streams on deck for your viewing pleasure, so go on and take a gander.

First up is the Tuesday stream.  Unfortunately, the Transfer Window Scramble took up quite a bit of time, so we only got three games in.  The benefits turn out to be worth the wait, though, as our new signings are pretty fantastic.  Plus, we learn a little about our newest admirer.  Check it out:


(Friendly) VS Wolfsberger AC - 33:22
(Friendly) VS Molde FK - 54:33
VS Brentford - 1:15:32

Next up is the Thursday stream.  Be sure to stay 'til the end on this one, gang.  Unless, I suppose, you hate amazing last-minute drama.


(Capital One Cup) VS Derby County - 6:47
VS Charlton Athletic - 24:47
VS Scunthorpe United - 47:04
VS Gillingham - 1:07:44

Thanks for tuning in!  We'll be back next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for more Shrimping action.  Be sure to give @ShrimpersF a follow on Twitter for any updates.  Until next time, Shrimpers Forever!