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Infinity Ward Talks About Making Zombie Mode for Infinite Warfare
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Infinity Ward Talks About Making Zombie Mode for Infinite Warfare

Sometimes having a separate co-op mode is a good thing

This past weekend was a pretty big one for gaming events. PAX West was the biggest one, but Activision and Inifinity Ward held their own event, Call of Duty: Experience 2016, as well. This event was mainly focused around Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's multiplayer mode and the Call of Duty World League Championship, but VentureBeat sat down with senior producer Lee Ross to discuss the Zombies in Spaceland mode.

While the lack of a co-op campaign may disappoint some, it sounds like Infinity Ward took that energy and focused it into Zombies in Spaceland. More than just a way to shoot zombies, the dev team took that three year development time to make something that would feel very different from the rest of the game. One of the ways they've done this is to add a unique respawn mechanic. Players that fall to the zombie swarms will be transported into an "80s themed arcade... [with] fully functioning carnival-style games and some classic Activision 2600 games you can play." If you rack up enough points in these games, you can "earn your way back to life before the round ends." Depending on the quality of those games, I may end up intentionally dying just so I can spend more time in that arcade!

The rest of the interview goes on to talk a little bit about how the "Fortunate and Fate" cards mechanics work, and how they went about balancing the mode. It's an interesting read and actually makes me interested in checking out Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare.