Farming Simulator 17

  • Online Co-Op: 16 Players
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Our Adventures in Farming Simulator 17 - Video Recap
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Our Adventures in Farming Simulator 17 - Video Recap

The real investment futures are in orange juice

A couple weeks ago, Locke, Nick, Mike, and I decided to start our own farm in Farming Simulator 17. The video you are about to see I'm going to submit as "Exhibit A" when asked why that farm failed.

Nick ended the stream before we could all bear witness to Mike's... "creation." Let's just say that it involved our soy beans and a careful harvesting of them in order to make a particular design...

Anyways, this being my first time with a Farming Simulator game, it is both what I expected it to be (a lot of waiting around for stuff to happen), but also surprising. There's a nice kind of calm feeling you get from playing. It's not intense action or edge of your seat thrills, just a steady pace of preparing a field for crops, planting the seeds, waiting for the seeds to grow, harvesting the crop, and then taking it to market to get some money back. I brought a farm I'd already done some work on into our co-op session, but it feels like you're better off just starting new with a group of friends to ensure there's something for everyone to do. It's weird to say, but driving in tandem with Mike to collect the soy beans as he was harvesting them was kind of one of my best co-op moments this year.