For Honor

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For Honor Launches with Day One Patch and Launch Trailer
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For Honor Launches with Day One Patch and Launch Trailer

Day One Patch implements fixes and improvements to matchmaking and client stability

For Honor launched yesterday on Valentine's Day, which only makes sense as it depicts the timeless and tragic love triangle between Samurai, Knights, and Vikings. Its launch was commemorated with a shiny launch trailer and a Day One patch for all players gung-ho to re-enact this classic love story.

The Day One patch solely focuses on fixes and improvements, surely made in response to data collected from the very recently concluded Open Beta. Probably of most interest to players is improvements to connectivity and matchmaking. The full notes are below:

  • Matchmaking
    • All countries around the Mediterranean Sea are now part of the European continent.
  • Heroes
    • Collisions improvements and fixes
    • Improved animations
  • Audio
    • Audio balancing fixes and improvements
  • User Interface
    • Fixed a memory leak
    • Fixed occurrences of major framerate drop
    • Improved flow in and out of the invitation menu
    • Multiple localization fixes
  • Additional Fixes
    • Stability fixes
    • Connectivity and matchmaking improvements
    • Metagame bug fixes and UI improvments
    • Hero Balancing (based on player feedback) – *** these changes were already implemented during Beta phases ***
    • Fixed minor issue with the round counter
    • General bug fixes

The For Honor launch trailer gets players ready to jump into the world. It has it all: ground-punching, finger-pointing, shield-banging, castle-sieging, and most importantly elephants. 

For Honor is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, supporting 2-player online co-op.