Sword Coast Legends is On Sale for the Last Time
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Sword Coast Legends is On Sale for the Last Time

Get it now before it's gone forever

In March of last year, n-Space, the developer behind Sword Coast Legends, was shut down. The game, though, continued on and even got released on consoles a few months later. Presumably, it was the publisher, Digital Extremes that keep things going. Now, though, it seems that that particular publishing contract has expired and so, on December 31, the title will be removed from all digital store fronts.

Interestingly, while the title will be removed from Steam, Xbox Marketplace, and PlayStation Store, the game itself will still be playable. Per the announcement on the official website, the servers will remain up "indefinitely after December 31, 2017 so you can continue your adventure throughout the Forgotten Realms."

Sword Coast Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for less than $5 until December 31. You'll also get the Rage of Demons DLC for free when you buy the game. It supports four player co-op throughout the campaign and in the DM Mode, where players can create and run their own campaign with friends.