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Starhawk's Online Capabilities Have Been Terminated For Europe
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Starhawk's Online Capabilities Have Been Terminated For Europe

No word about this affecting other regions

Over the weekend, it appears Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe sunsetted the servers for the 2012 PlayStation 3 title, Starhawk. A note has been added to all European PS Store listings for the game that basically says "you can no longer play this online." There's been no official statement about whether this is getting applied to all regions or not, so for now, this appears to only be affecting the one region.

SIEE is certainly no stranger to shutting down servers for games. They've got a whole site setup just for their region that lists what's already been taken offline and what's next for the chopping block. Curiously, it appears that Europe is the only region that does this.

While it does not appear that this server shutdown will be applied to other regions, we've removed the online co-op information from our listing in the DB. Two player couch co-op should still be available in the Survival mode.