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Holospark Lays Out Next Three Months of Earthfall's Development
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Holospark Lays Out Next Three Months of Earthfall's Development

New missions, enemies, weapons, and a Horde mode

The Left 4 Dead-like, Earthfall, has been out for about a month now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and Holospark, the game's developer, has recently laid out a "development roadmap" for the next few months. There will be a minor update later this month and next month that, collectively, add a couple new missions, enemies, and weapons, and that will pave the way for a big update in October.

You can check out the developer posting on the official site for all the details, but here's a quick recap of the key points from these updates:

  • Inferno Update (minor) - this update will arrive sometime this month and add a new mission (Inferno), a new weapon (SMG), new enemies, and some player and weapon skins
  • Militia Update (minor) - this will arrive in September and includes new weapon (grenade launcher), and new weapon/player skins
  • Invasion Update (major) - this will drop in October and includes a lot. Along with new missions and weapon skins, this update includes a whole new Horde mode and, perhaps most important of all, some form of player progression. Once this update gets implemented, you'll be able to earn experience on the different characters to unlock new outfits and even some new abilities.

We streamed a bit of Earthfall last week as part of our "Let's Play Co-Op" regular Monday night streams, but had a bit of an issue with the archive. So, we'll be playing it tonight at 10:00 PM EDT over on our Twitch channel. If you're curious to see how the game is looking in its current state, tune in and check it out!

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