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Breach Enters Early Access January 2019
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Breach Enters Early Access January 2019

Looking forward to giving this some hours of my life

QC Games' action-RPG dungeon crawler, Breach, will be leaving the closed, technical Alpha phase next month, and moving into full on Early Access on Steam. While the title will eventually be free-to-play, you will need to buy into it during the Early Access phase if you want to check it out.

I got a bit of a guided demo with Breach last month when a couple of the devs took me through the title while I chatted with them about it. While my playtime was limited to about an hour, that was more than enough time for the game to get its hooks into me. The blending of elements and mechanics from different genres all feels very natural, and there's a clear emphasis on teamwork and cooperation to clear the dungeons.

Now, as for getting into the game to play it, there are several different options. The base "Starter Pack" is $25 and will get you 6 heroes and 1 Veil Demon; this is essentially the "base version." Beyond that, there's a "Veil Demon Pack" for $40 that will unlock the rest of the Veil Demons in the game and the "Hero Pack" for $60 that will unlock the remaining 12 heroes. There's a bundle deal with all of this stuff for $100, too. It's worth mentioning that all of the Heroes and Veil Demons can be unlocked using in-game currency, so if you do pick up the Starter Pack (or wait for it to go full free-to-play), you won't be missing out on anything.

No specific date has been given for when the game will be hitting Early Access (just "January 2019"), but rest assured that we'll be doing a "Let's Play Co-Op" session of this once it does so you can check it out in action.