• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Breach Hits Early Access Next Week
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Breach Hits Early Access Next Week

Group up with friends to take on an A.I. opponent that will do its best to stop you

QC Games' action-RPG/dungeon crawling hybrid, Breach, will leave Closed Alpha and enter Steam Early Access next Thursday, January 17. This means you and your friends will all have the opportunity to play as a Chronomancer, Mana Warrior, Demon Hunter, Assassin, or one of the other 14 classes as you battle room-by-room through a procedurally generated dungeon.

Your main foe in Breach is the Veil Demon, an opponent that can either be controlled by the game's A.I. or by another human (if you've got a fifth friend that's really into griefing). Every room in the dungeon has a goal that the group of players will try to complete while the Veil Demon will do its best to thwart them. Whoever wins will get a boost that will help them with the next encounter/room and, ultimately, the final room that contains the dungeon's boss. There's loot, character progression, and more - win or lose - so you'll have plenty of reason to keep coming back for more.

Breach will be available via Steam Early Access on Thursday, January 17 for $24.99 for the Starter Pack that includes 6 Hero characters and a Veil Demon. It will eventually be a free-to-play game with Hero characters going on a weekly rotation and available to unlock using in-game (or premium) currency.