Join Co-Optimus, Cloud9 Table Top and Others in the Ultimate D&D Giveaway!
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Join Co-Optimus, Cloud9 Table Top and Others in the Ultimate D&D Giveaway!

Become the ultimate DM with a killer prize pack!

Co-Optimus is teaming up with Cloud9 Table Top, Elderwood Academy, Drive Thru RPG, and Cantrip Candles for the ultimate Dungeons and Dragons themed giveaway. There is seriously everything you could absolutely want here for the total immersive experience - including the scented candle!

As you know, D&D is a cooperative experience we fully endorse here on Co-Optimus, we've covered numerous variations over the years in our Table Top Co-op Series. Now thanks to our friends at Cloud9 Table Top we can get you off to the races for your very own geekly game night!

On top of the D&D goods we've got some digital goods for Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter, the online free to play RPG. Finally, we've thrown in some unique Co-Optimus swag to sweeten the pot!

Here's the prize pack:

Take Your D&D Tabletop Experience to the Next Level. This Massive Giveaway Contains:

  • Limited Edition D&D 5e Core Rule Books Gift Set w. Foil Artwork Covers
  • Hand Crafted Wooden Spellbook Gaming Box by Elderwood Academy
  • Tavern Scented Candle with Sunken Metal D20 and Custom Matches by Cantrip Candles - 32 Oz. 
  • $30 Credit Towards Downloadable RPGs from Drive Thru RPG
  • Six Sets of Dice w/ Drawstring Dice Pouches
  • D&D Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated: Wilderness Box
  • Digital Codes for Neverwinter Companions and Mounts on PC, Xbox, and PS4
  • Neverwinter 5 poster prize pack includes Enclave, Wongo, and De-Motivational set
  • Co-Optimus Scarf and Notebook Set

A special thanks to Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios for providing the Neverwinter prizes which we provided to this great contest. Simply use the widget below to enter and good luck!


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