Risk of Rain 2

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Risk of Rain 2 Stream Recap and Impressions
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Risk of Rain 2 Stream Recap and Impressions

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A few weeks ago Locke, Mike and Nick checked out the latest build of Risk of Rain 2 on PC. It's been almost 5 months since we last looked at the game, you can see how far it's progressed since then

What did we notice? There's at least two new environments to play around in and a few new enemies. Online performance is more consistent and seemed to perform much better than before. We're all still surprised at how well the Risk of Rain formula has translated into 3D. It just feels like a natural progression of the first title.

The really great news is the game has just been announced for Nintendo Switch, so more gamers will get their hands on it. Let's ask the staff for their thoughts...

Jason Love - "I wasn't there, but I wish I was, because Risk of Rain 2 is awesome and I want to play more of it"

Mike Katsufrakis - "It's dope AF"

Locke Vincent  - "The game is just as satisfying as the first, and I'm excited to follow along with their Early Access updates."

There's a handful of updates planned until the full release is scheduled early next year, we definitely will check in every few months to see how things progress. For now watch our shennanigans below and be sure to check in with us every Monday for our regular co-op streams.