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Risk of Rain 2

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Risk of Rain 2 Gets new Content on All Platforms
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Risk of Rain 2 Gets new Content on All Platforms

New content for both Console and PC

Risk of Rain 2, the action co-op rogue-like game has seen a steady stream of content patches since it hit early access and release last Spring. Let's look at what's changed.

Up first is the console "Hidden Realms" update which focuses on Stages and Pickups for your characters as well a new player character called the Acrid. The full roadmap for console content is listed below.

  • Added Survivor: Acrid
  • Added 2 Stage Variants
  • Added 2 Hidden Realms
  • Added 3 Skill Variants
  • Added New Skin: Acrid Skin
  • Added New Monster: Void Reaver
  • Added New Boss: Scavenger
  • Added New Boss: Secret Boss
  • Added 9 Items and 1 Equipment to the game
  • Added Chest: Adaptive Chest
  • Added Chest: Overgrown 3D Printer
  • Added Shrine: Cleansing Pool
  • Added Drone: Emergency Drone
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game
  • Added 2 Environment Logs to the game
  • Added 6 Lore Entries to the game
  • Various performance & stability improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes

PC player got their own update last week, a huge update called "The Artifacts" which features a brand new system to the game. Artifacts are touted as the biggest feature that will change the replayability to the game. In addition to these new feature there have been new stages, UI updates, new music, and new skill variants added.

  • Added System: Artifacts
    • The hunt is on! Be the first to explore the planet and find the secret to unlock 16 powerful and mysterious Artifacts that will dramatically change the way you play. We expect Artifacts to be the biggest feature to date in terms of replayability to all players.
  • Added 16 Artifacts
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Honor
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Enigma
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Spite
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Soul
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Death
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Vengeance
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Metamorphosis
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Dissonance
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Chaos
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Frailty
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Kin
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Sacrifice
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Evolution
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Glass
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Command
    • New Artifact: Artifact of Swarms

Finally after a community vote that garnered 125k responses, the team at Hopoo games have announced who the next survivor character is going to be. And it's...well someone entirely new! Details can be found here.

All these changes make it sound like the Co-Opticrew need to dive back in and stream some Risk of Rain 2. The game is out now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.