Risk of Rain 2

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Risk of Rain 2's First Big Update Has Arrived
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Risk of Rain 2's First Big Update Has Arrived

New playable character, new boss, new stage, and more!

The promised content update for Risk of Rain 2 has arrived today. The "Scorched Acres" update is free and adds a new playable character (REX), a new level (the eponymous Scorched Acres), a new boss, new items, and more. If it's been a little bit since your last run through the rain, now's a good time to hop back in.

The full list of updates and changes included with "Scorched Acres" can be found in this news post over on Steam (there are a lot). The big takeaways from this, though, are the following:

  • New Playable Character, REX - Hey! It's a plant! Like the other playable characters in the game, you'll have to unlock REX through a specific set of actions. Won't spoil what you have to do here, but if you just want to know, there's already a guide on Steam that lays out the steps.
  • New Boss, Grovetender - See that jolly looking fellow up above? That's the Grovetender. He looks friendly, doesn't he? I'm sure the fact that he is a "hook-throwing caretaker of wisps" and that he fires "a giant barrage of seeking wisps that detonate on contact and occasionally fire a burst of hooks from its masks that pull in any survivor it hits," is just his friendly way of saying "Hi!"
  • New Stage, Scorched Acres - the sun is always setting on these woods, which will pop up as an alternate third stage to the usual snow-covered Rallypoint Delta.
  • New Items, Equipment, and Drones - more toys to play with!
  • Various QoL Changesb - many of these come from community feedback, so yes, the devs really are listening.

Risk of Rain 2 is currently available via Steam Early Access on the PC. Four player online co-op is supported throughout.