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Killing Floor 2 Gets “Grim Treatment“ for Halloween
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Killing Floor 2 Gets “Grim Treatment“ for Halloween

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Halloween means all of the best, spooky content for the games we love and Killing Floor 2 is no exception. David Amata, Product Lead from developer Tripwire Interactive, was quoted on’s coverage of Killing Floor 2’s Halloween event, “Grim Treatments.” The update brings five new weapons, new maps, Halloween themed goodies and more. This completely free content update is currently available across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with a trailer below showing off all of the goodies here to help you fight the spooky undead.

While Killing Floor 2 was originally released in 2016, the game has continued to receive (often free) content. In speaking about the most recent update in the article linked above, David noted in the article on “Over two years after launch on Xbox One, we’re still fully committed to listening to the fans and improving the game based on the top community requested features and tweaks. This update we took special aim at improving our Stand Your Ground optional objective to make it feel more rewarding and less punishing for the group as well as refining the Abomination Boss battle to bring it in line with our other bosses. Have a Happy Halloween everyone and see you all on the Killing Floor.”

Does this year’s spooky content make you want to run screaming back to Killing Floor 2, or are you more excited about the literal candy coming your way this year than the digital? Let us know in the comments below!