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Zombie Army Trilogy

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Zombie Army Trilogy Coming To Nintendo Switch
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Zombie Army Trilogy Coming To Nintendo Switch

Zombies Become Portable In The First Half Of 2020

Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy will be limping over (as zombies do) to the Nintendo Switch come the first half of 2020. The game is set to include all previously released content, including the Horde mode and all story chapters, as well as an exclusive feature to the Nintendo version: wireless multiplayer for up to four players. More ways to play with friends means more co-opportunities to enjoy!

If you are on the fence about the Zombie Army Trilogy, fear not. We reviewed the game back on its previous console release and concluded that “If you like games that don't require much in the way of progression or time-consuming leveling-up for characters, then this is a fine way to kill some time (and zombies) with a group of friends.” With the trilogy making its way onto the Switch sometime early next year, and the next installment, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February, maybe this means we’ll see Zombie Army 4 on the Switch sometime towards the end of 2020?

Will you be snagging these portable zombies, or does the new year mean new games rather than re-releases on new consoles? Let us know in the comments below!