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ICYMI: Gears 5 Received New Content and Last Day for “Gearsmas” Goodies
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ICYMI: Gears 5 Received New Content and Last Day for “Gearsmas” Goodies

Updates, Patches And Presents!

Gears 5 kicked off its second “Operation” (i.e., season) last month, called “Operation: Free For All.” The Title Update 3 brought a slew of bug fixes, maps, and the new Free For All PvP mode to the game, but that’s not all we got for December. Much like in real life, Christmas came upon us and the COGs faster than we had anticipated and with it came some holiday-themed content for Gears 5 in the form of the annual Gearsmas event.

This is your last chance to receive four items simply for logging into the game. If you get in before 1:00 pm EST, January 2, 2020, you'll receive the following items: Gearsmas Jack Character Skin, Gearsmas Bloodspray, Gearsmas Mark, and the Gearsmas Banner. If you’re looking for something to do for the next 22 hours, then you can also enjoy the “Jingle Juvies” Horde mode variant. As the original post reads, “Jingle Juvies is a 20 wave Horde event that features a lot of Juvies sporting antlers and boss waves featuring a lot of Juvies PLUS standard enemies. Unfortunately, this year some of the Juvies have misunderstood the whole bauble thing and attached Frags to their back instead. Translation: Get ready for a LOT of Poppers!” If you want to read about all of the updates and quality of life fixes being brought to the COGs, you can check out their Gearsmas update, here.

Unfortunately there is a bit of coal in the stocking this year too, as the classic seasonal favorite game mode Snowball Fight will not be making an appearance. Instead, the developers note their intention to allow the community time to focus on the newly added Free For All rather than add another mode so soon. 

Will you be jingling all the way to slay in the new content, or was Snowball Fight all you wanted this holiday? Let us know in the comments below!