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HyperX Pulsefire Raid Mouse and FURY Ultra Mouse Pad Review - Page 3

I was also sent an accompanying mouse pad to review with the Raid: the FURY Ultra RGB. Roughly 14 x 11.5 inches, the FURY Ultra is made of hard plastic with an anti-slip rubber base. It has a 70 inch cord that plugs into a USB port to power on its lighting effects. Just like the Raid mouse, the FURY Ultra uses HyperX NGenuity software to customize its lighting options. Prior to getting this mouse pad, I was using the HyperX Fury S (X-Large). The FURY Ultra is certainly smaller than my previous mouse pad, but definitely large enough for most gamers’ needs. The mouse glides smoothly over the plastic surface and looks stylish without being too garish with its lighting effects. It will also be much easier to clean. The only real potential drawback is that it is a bit louder than my old mouse pad as my mouse drags across it, but not by too much.

Coming back to final thoughts about the Pulsefire Raid, it’s another strong addition to the Pulsefire family. Compared to the Pulsefire FPS Pro, it’s a story of give and take. I like having the extra buttons, but I miss the slightly different shape of the mouse. If you’re a gamer who wants more programmable buttons on your mouse, the Raid is an easy recommendation from me. If you don’t think you’ll use those extra buttons, though, the FPS Pro will suit you just fine for about $15 cheaper (the Raid retails at $60 while the FPS Pro retails at $45). As an ardent fan of the Pulsefire line, I’m super pleased HyperX has introduced this option and look forward to seeing how the line will continue to evolve down the road. As for the FURY Ultra RGB, it’s a sturdy and attractive icing-on-the-cake peripheral. High in form and function, I have no doubts it will hold up over time. $55 is nothing to sneeze at, but if you have some spare cash to put some final touches on your PC gaming setup, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by what you get for the investment.