Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers Looks To Change The Focus
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Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers Looks To Change The Focus

The Official PlayStation Podcast Touches The Upcoming Game’s Heroes

Little is known about the upcoming Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics other than: 1) its unique aesthetic, 2) it will have a September 4th release date, and 3) it will have co-op  Thankfully, Episode 366 of the official PlayStation podcast helped with some of this. In the interview, studio head Scot Amos  mentioned that Kamala Khan (a character featuring healing and polymorphic abilities) will have a similar point of view as the player. This makes a lot of sense, as Amos  puts it: "People who are fans of anything Marvel will have some way in, will already have an understanding. That's why Kamala's so special to us... she is us in a way, right? She's a fan of the Avengers."

Aside from Khan, Amostakes time to speak about other heroes in the game and to explain how the team is implementing feedback and incorporating it into their development process. He says: “Certainly, all we’ve done with our characters is constantly iterate and playtest. I mean, we play every day [...]as the fans of the franchise , but also the game makers. We have this privilege and this responsibility to play and say, ‘Does this feel Hulk enough? Does this feel Blackwidow enough?’ and, ‘What can we do to just amplify that a little to make them feel more super here or there?’” 

Are you still on the edge of your seat as you wait for earth’s mightiest heroes to show up, or is there another game this autumn holding your attention? Let us know in the comments below!