Back 4 Blood

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Back 4 Blood Stream Recap - Alarming Sensitivity
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Back 4 Blood Stream Recap - Alarming Sensitivity

Apparently everything triggers the horde

See those birds? Horde. That door? Horde. Car? Horde. Artillery Cannon? Horde. Yes, we triggered the horde more than a handful of times last night. And by we, I mean Mike. But it's ok. That's why we are playing Back 4 Blood - to get dem zombies. 

Our playthrough continues this time through three missions, ending Act 1 and starting Act 2.

  • 1:45 Act 1 - 4-3: Abandoned
  • 21:53 Act 1 4-4: The Sound of Thunder
  • 29:44 Act 2 5-1: Call to Arms

Needless to say, we had a blast. There's a good variety in the missions that make them a bit more puzzle-like and encourage jolly cooperation. We were damn near surgical on The Sound of Thunder. SURGICAL.