Back 4 Blood

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'Fight 4 Your Friends' Humble Bundle Includes Back 4 Blood, Zombie Army 4, and More for $15
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'Fight 4 Your Friends' Humble Bundle Includes Back 4 Blood, Zombie Army 4, and More for $15

Pick up 4-6 great co-op Steam games for cheap!

Humble Bundles regularly bundle a variety of games together on the cheap, though only for a limited time. The latest Humble Bundle, "Fight 4 Your Friends," is of particular interest since it contains nothing but co-op games! Players can get 4 great games for $10 or donate $15 to get the full six games, including Back 4 Blood and Zombie Army 4. Having played 5 out of the 6 bundled games, I can assure you that this is a great value, especially if you can get a friend to grab the bundle for some cooperative multiplayer!

The $10 bundle includes:

The Anacrusis: The only game I haven't played from this bundle, The Anacrusis is like a sci-fi version of Left 4 Dead. Four players try to survive in a spaceship while the AI director assaults them with unpredictable enemies and threats. The Anacrusis regularly sells for $19.99 on Steam and supports cross-play with the Xbox version.

Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition: One of my all-time favorite co-op shooters, Killing Floor 2 lets up to six players struggle to complete increasingly difficult waves of monster attacks, eventually taking on a freaky boss. Killing Floor 2 regularly sells for $29.99 (and $39.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition) on Steam, and it still receives periodic updates with new content to this day! 

Warhammer: Vermintide 2: Another all-time favorite, Vermintide 2 mixes shooting and melee combat in a dark version of the Warhammer universe. Four players will select from wildly different character classes and then complete a huge variety of challenging missions that include a surprising amount of on-the-fly storytelling. The game has received numerous free updates over the years, so it's quite massive. regularly sells for $29.99 on Steam.

Zombie Army Trilogy: This collection of three zombie-themed shooters set in a twisted, horror version of the Sniper Elite universe provides countless hours of scary shooting thrills. Play through the Trilogy before you embark on the fourth and final(?) game! Zombie Army Trilogy regularly sells for $49.99 on Steam.

The $15 bundle includes the previous four games and also adds:

Back 4 Blood: The original Left 4 Dead developers formed Turtle Rock Studios and released Back 4 Blood, essentially making it the third Left 4 Dead game. Play as a variety of survivors who must complete missions during the tail end of a zombie outbreak. The AI director keeps the challenge high by throwing unpredictable waves of zombies and bosses at the team. Back 4 Blood regularly sells for $59.99 on Steam and supports cross-play with the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War: The fourth game in Rebellion's Zombie Army series ramps up the threat level by opening the gates to hell. It also guest stars several Left 4 Dead charactersZombie Army regularly sells for $49.99 on Steam.

The Fight 4 Your Friends bundle will be offered until Friday, May 5. If you don't have many of these games, be sure to get the bundle before it's gone!