Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Warrior Blade Gains Online Co-op and Silkroad 2 Launches on iiRcade
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Warrior Blade Gains Online Co-op and Silkroad 2 Launches on iiRcade

Hop online with Warrior Blade and Cybattler or try the new Age of Heroes in local co-op.

As home arcade fans surely know, iiRcade is a home arcade cabinet/console for which players can legally purchase classic and modern indie games. This week, the platform’s co-op options just improved thanks to the addition of online co-op to the excellent Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III as well as the launch of a new beat ‘em up with local co-op, The Age of Heroes: Silkroad 2.

New Release

Following last week’s pair of strong co-op releases (Elevator Action Returns and Twin Cobra), this week the platform gains a single game with local co-op:

  • The Age of Heroes: Silkroad 2: This beat ‘em up sequel to the 1999 original Silkroad (also available on iiRcade) takes place during the days of the historical Silk Road. The graphics make use of pre-rendered sprites (like those of Donkey Kong Country), and special moves are performed via fighting game-style motions. Price: $9.99

Online Additions

Starting on April 15, iiRcade began the process of adding online multiplayer to all retro multiplayer games on the platform. Each week, 3-5 new games get the online multiplayer upgrade. Last week, the beat ‘em up, Knuckle Bash, and the shoot ‘em up, Dogyuun, received online co-op.

This week’s batch of games to go online consists of the following:

  • Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III: A 1991 beat ‘em up and the final game in Taito’s Rastan series. Price: $12.99
  • Cybattler: A 1993 vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up from Jaleco in which players pilot mechs. Price: $7.99
  • Squash: A 1992 sports game from Gaelco that simulates the ultra-popular game of squash. Price: $5.99

It’s great to see two more co-op classics get the online treatment, especially Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III, which we recently featured in our Co-op Classics column. Warrior Blade is a 2-player fantasy-themed beat ‘em up akin to the Golden Axe series. The game features three selectable heroes (including Rastan), an ultrawide playing field, and some great 2D graphics. Warrior Blade is only available on iiRcade (not even the Egret II Mini has it), and now it can be enjoyed with either online or local 2-plater co-op.

iiRcade’s online multiplayer support is currently in alpha status, so common features like a friends list, private games, and voice chat are still missing. To play with a friend, you basically have to set the game up in advance since nobody wants to sit around in matchmaking forever. We hope that as more games gain the benefits of online play, iiRcade will improve and refine the platform’s online multiplayer features.

All iiRcade cabinets include 64-128 GB of built-in storage, a 19-inch monitor, 100W stereo speakers, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth, HDMI output, and 11 pre-installed games, including the co-op classics Double Dragon and Gunbird. Additional classic arcade games and modern indie games are available to purchase as well. Premium Gold Edition cabinets are also available to preorder.