Elevator Action Returns

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Elevator Action Returns and Twin Cobra Hit iiRcade, 2 More Games Get Online Co-op
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Elevator Action Returns and Twin Cobra Hit iiRcade, 2 More Games Get Online Co-op

Play local co-op in two new classic arcade games or hop online with 5 new games.

iiRcade is a home arcade cabinet/console for which players can legally purchase classic and modern indie games. Today, two classic co-op games launched on the platform: Elevator Action Returns from Taito and Twin Cobra from Toaplan. What’s more, five new iiRcade games just received online multiplayer features, including the obscure-but cool beat ‘em up, Knuckle Bash, and the vertically-scrolling shoot ‘em up, Dogyuun, both of which feature 2-player co-op. Plus, the platform just got an auto-fire option for shoot 'em ups.

New Releases

Two new games arrived on iiRcade this week. Each title costs $9.99.

Elevator Action Returns: In this 1994 sequel to Taito’s 1983 arcade game (which was just included on Taito Milestones for Switch), one or two players must search a building for bombs. Like in the first game, the heroes will use elevators to navigate floors of various buildings and structures, search for red doors, and shoot at enemies. Elevator Action Returns is a great, unique action-platformer that we hope to eventually feature in our Co-op Classics column. Both the original game and Returns are available on iiRcade and are also included on the Taito Egret II Mini arcade cabinet.


Twin Cobra: This 1987 sequel to Tiger-Heli has previously been ported to NES, Sega Genesis, and other platforms. It’s a vertically scrolling shooter in which players pilot helicopters and drop screen-filling bombs. Both Tiger-Heli and Twin Cobra are available on iiRcade.


A new system-level auto-fire options has been added in order to make the shoot 'em ups pictured above more accessible to a variety of gamers. To enable it, simply go to the Accessibility option under the main Settings menu.

Online Additions

iiRcade plans to eventually add online multiplayer to all retro multiplayer games on the platform. Last week, Out Zone, a co-op run-and-gun shooter from Toaplan, headlined the first batch of games to receive online multiplayer. The second batch of games to go online consists of the following:

  • Breaker's Revenge: A 1998 fighting game from Visco that was originally released on Neo Geo
  • Dogyuun: A 1992 vertically-scrolling, sci-fi themed shoot ‘em up with co-op from Toaplan
  • Heavy Smash: A 1993 fantasy futuristic game from Data East
  • Knuckle Bash: Toaplan’s 1993 beat ‘em up features five playable characters.
  • Street Hoop: Also known as Street Slam, this basketball game was released on Neo Geo by Data East in 1994.

That’s an even more impressive list than last week, given that it contains two different co-op classics. Additional games should get the online multiplayer upgrade every week; we can’t wait to see the platform’s online co-op support continue to grow.

My initial online experience with iiRcade titles has been positive, though my co-op partner’s username did not correctly show up on screen during my first game. In contrast, a few players have experienced endless loading screens when trying to join another player's game. When this happens, the affected player must turn the iiRcade cabinet off, restart, and try to join another game. iiRcade’s online multiplayer is currently labeled as being in alpha status, so these issues will hopefully be fixed soon.

All iiRcade cabinets include 64-128 GB of built-in storage, a 19-inch monitor, 100W stereo speakers, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth, HDMI output, and 11 pre-installed games, including the co-op classics Double Dragon and Gunbird. Additional classic arcade games and modern indie games are available to purchase as well. Premium Gold Edition cabinets are also available to preorder.