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by Christopher Metz 6
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Yep, this one can only be played as co-op or in mass multiplayer.

No Single Player Available in PvZ: Garden Warfare, Pricings Revealed

Recently announced by EA, there are no plans to bring a single player mode to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, meaning that there’s more room for the multiplayer and co-op experiences to be expanded upon and develop. I touched upon this in our most recent Beyond Co-Op article, where I mentioned EA’s future “free-to-play&...

by Christopher Metz 3
  • xbox 360
  • online
Yep, this is happening.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Brings New Meaning to 'Dream Team'

As soon as we saw the trailer for Namco Bandai’s newly announced title, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, we realized we could possibly have a real gem of a game here, as far as Dragon Ball Z franchise goes. We asked ourselves: where could they possibly take the Dragon Ball Z games after making practically every character in the series playable? Well, how about mixing and matching them together to form super squads and fight as one?

by Paul Acevedo 10
  • PlayStation Network
  • Xbox Live Arcade
  • couch
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If DLC delays had a face, I'd punch them too.

We'll be Punching Faces Online with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in Less Than a Week

Back in August, Xbox Live's Major Nelson let slip that the long-requested but previously unannounced online co-op mode for Scott Pilgrim: vs. The World would actually be coming. Legions of comic and beat-em-up fans rejoiced... until the 'Online Multiplayer Wallace Pack' was pushed back to an undisclosed date less than two weeks later. At last, that date has been revealed: February 5th on PSN and the 6th on XBLA. Surely Major Nelson and Ubisoft aren't kidding this time, right?

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