How to Activate the Cheat Menu and Infinite Health in Final Vendetta
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How to Activate the Cheat Menu and Infinite Health in Final Vendetta

Beating the super-tough beat 'em up just got easier.

When I reviewed Final Vendetta, the modern retro-style brawler from Bitmap Bureau, my chief complaint was the game's difficulty. It's fun but tough! In our interview with developer Mike Tucker, he promised that balance tweaks and a new Casual difficulty setting would be coming to consoles. Players needn't wait for the patch to beat the game, though, because there's already a cheat menu with a level select and invincibility option! We'll tell you how to reach it.

To access the Cheat Menu in Final Vendetta:

Final Vendetta Main Menu Cheat Code

  • From the main menu, highlight Options.
  • Hold left on the D-Pad and the following buttons: 
    • Xbox or PC: Y and B buttons
    • PlayStation: Triangle and Circle buttons
    • Switch: X and A buttons
  • While holding left and the other two buttons, press this button:
    • Xbox or PC: X button
    • PlayStation: Square button
    • Switch: Y button

Final Vendetta Cheat Menu

From the Cheat Menu, players can choose the starting stage, toggle Infinite Health, toggle Pixel Snap (a new graphical setting), or view the credits. After selecting the desired settings, choose Back.

We're not done yet! The next steps will allow players to unlock Achievements or Trophies while cheats are active. If you're playing on Switch, you can skip these steps and just play.

Final Vendetta Audio Menu Cheat Code

  • From the main menu, select Options.
  • In the Options menu, select Audio.
  • Highlight BGM.
  • Select Game Over and allow the song to play.
  • Choose Back.
  • From the main menu, you may now select 1 Player or 2 Players.
  • Select Arcade Mode, choose character(s), and you'll now start with the desired cheat settings activated!

Final Vendetta Stage 6 Co-op

The Cheat Menu makes Final Vendetta much less frustrating even if the Infinite Health option takes the sport out of it. Being able to select levels makes up for the game's lack of continues, though, so don't feel bad about starting on whichever level you normally die on! For less cheat-y help, see our Secret Lives locations guide as well.

Final Vendetta supports 2-player local co-op. Get it for $24.99 on XboxPlayStationSwitch, and Steam. Physical PlayStation 4PlayStation 5, and Switch versions can be preordered at Amazon.