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NINJA KIDZ: TIME MASTERS Has Sneaked onto PlayStation, Switch, and Steam
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NINJA KIDZ: TIME MASTERS Has Sneaked onto PlayStation, Switch, and Steam

These kids don't know how to act, but they do know how to fight!

Ninja Kidz is a popular YouTube video series starring martial artist kids who can't act as they get into all kinds of adventures. The "kidz" are so popular, in fact, that they've been given a low-budget beat 'em up for consoles and PC. NINJA KIDZ: TIME MASTERS sends the "kidz" back into the past in a mission to rescue their grandmasters from the forces of evil. It supports 4-player local co-op, so parents and children can join in the martial arts fun.

The game begins with a fully-voiced cinematic depicting the abduction of the grandmasters. The "kidz" find out from their friend, Sharky, a humanoid shark. Using an alien time traveling device, the team quickly jumps into medieval times as they search for their missing masters. It's silly and even the voice acting is terrible, but the story has a certain childish charm to it.


Players can select from four different "kidz" at the outset, with a fifth character unlocking later in the game. The game itself seems to consist of 8 levels set in slightly different parts of the past. Beating a level will unlock it for Quick Play. Boss Rush and Challenge modes can be unlocked as well.

The actual gameplay is basic but fun enough for a kid or "kidz." Players have two basic attack buttons, a special move button, and a run button. You can find limited-use throwing knives and stars and health items in crates. When your meter is charged up, pressing two specific buttons at once will change your kid into a ninja outfit, seemingly increasing the damage you deal. If your kids are into the YouTube series, this might be a good "first beat 'em up" to buy.


  • Choose from 4 playable characters. Each Ninja Kidz has its own special moves and techniques.
  • Play solo or with friends in local co-op with up to 4 players.
  • Enjoy the colorful cartoon-style art design inspired by the Ninja Kidz.
  • Fight multiple enemies and defeat 4 bosses in fun epic battles.
  • Enjoy 3 game modes and challenge yourself to unlock bonus levels.

NINJA KIDZ: TIME MASTERS Steam Controller Settings

Note that the Steam version (which we played) is pretty rough around the edges. Specifically, although the game is supposed to work with controllers, they don't work by default. We had to click the Steam controller settings icon for the game and manually set each controller to use gamepad controls. After that, we could properly get our "ninjaz" on.

NINJA KIDZ: TIME MASTERS sells digitally for $19.99 on PlayStation, Switch, and Steam. Physical versions are available on Amazon for $29.99 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch. A digital Xbox version has been announced but hasn't been released yet.