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Vampire Survivors for Switch Now Has the Free 'Whiteout' Update
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Vampire Survivors for Switch Now Has the Free 'Whiteout' Update

After a slight delay, Switch owners can play the new Whiteout level.

Shortly before Halloween, Vampire Survivors got a big, free update on Xbox, Steam, and mobile. The Switch version of the update, however, experienced a last-minute delay. Thankfully, the update has finally arrived on the Switch, so up to four local players can now battle monsters (but no actual vampires) in the snowy Whiteout level, Nintendo-style.

The "Whiteout" update adds:

  • 6 new EXTRA achievements
  • 1 new Bonus stage: the snowy stage Whiteout
  • 2 new relics to get a new PowerUp and morph an existing character (a fan favorite)
  • 1 new weapon with its evolution: the spiky ice weapon Glass Fandango
  • 1 new playable character: frosty worrier She-Moon Eeta
  • 1 new music track: Remedy in the Snow

These additions don't unlock automatically; players have to earn them! To unlock the Whiteout stage, collect 20 Orologions (a power-up that can be found when breaking torches and which creates a freezing circle around players). After surviving for at least 20 minutes in the Whiteout stage, the new playable character, She-Moon Eeta (whose name is an Italian play on words) will unlock as well.

The Switch version of Vampire Survivors runs remarkably well. The game itself is a gothic roguelike that originated as a single-player experience. All big-screen versions received the upgrade to 4-player local co-op when the Switch version arrived. Nintendo's console is perfect for local multiplayer on the go, so Vampire Survivors definitely makes sense there. When will Poncle release a PlayStation version, though?

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors sells for $4.99 on XboxSwitch, and Steam. The game supports 4-player local co-op. We'll have a full co-op review soon!