Contra: Operation Galuga

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The Contra: Operation Galuga Soundtrack Will Arrive on March 5
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The Contra: Operation Galuga Soundtrack Will Arrive on March 5

Preview the explosive soundtrack which comes from composers of the Mega Man, Monster Hunter, and Metal Gear series!

The highly anticipated Contra: Operation Galuga from WayForward and Konami is due out in March, and we finally know a little about the game's soundtrack as well. The album will be composed by and released by Yuko Komiyama and Norihiko Hibino and released on March 5, a week ahead of the game. To get gamers pumped, Konami has released an exciting soundtrack preview video.

Official details courtesy of Scarlet Moon:

Yuko Komiyama has meticulously crafted the main score with a high-intensity orchestral sound, utilizing several classic Contra melodies that will surprise and delight fans. Norihiko Hibino is responsible for all of the explosive boss battle music.

Contra Operation Galuga Demo Xbox

Yuko Komiyama has primarily contributed music to the Mega Man and Monster Hunter series up until now. The Mega Man series is certainly adjacent to Contra, so she's undoubtedly a good fit for Operation Galuga. As for Norihiko Hibino, he has worked on the Metal Gear series, The Wonderful 101, Boktai, and other games.

The Contra: Operation Galuga soundtrack will arrive on digital storefronts on Tuesday, March 5, one week ahead of the actual game.

Contra: Operation Galuga is a run-and-gun shooter that supports 4-player local co-op. Konami recently released a free demo of Contra: Operation Galuga for all platforms. Contra: Operation Galuga launches on March 12 for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam.

For lots more details, read our developer interview!