Contra: Operation Galuga

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Contra: Operation Galuga - NES Screenshot Comparisons
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Contra: Operation Galuga - NES Screenshot Comparisons

We determine how closely the new Contra resembles the well-known NES/Famicom game.

The Contra series is poised to make a comeback thanks to fan favorite-developer WayForward and Konami. Contra: Operation Galuga is a 2.5D reimagining of the original Contra arcade/NES game that will launch in early 2024. The remake looks to retain the series' traditional cooperative run-and-gun action, and we're all about it. How close will Operation Galuga be to the original game, though? Let's compare screenshots and see!

Contra: Operation Galuga NES Famicom screenshot comparison

For these comparisons, we started with the Operation Galuga announcement screenshots and announcement trailer screengrabs. Then we compared them with screens from the Famicom (Japanese NES) version of Contra since the NES port is the best-known version of the original game. The Famicom version, incidentally, is slightly better than North American release, adding features like cinematics and map screens between levels. Both are included on the Contra Anniversary Collection which is available on all platforms.

Contra: Operation Galuga NES Famicom screenshot comparison

The original Contra starts with an assault on the island base of the terrorist group, Red Falcon. The island assault is clearly retained in Operation Galuga, as are familiar elements like wall turrets, standing turrets (not pictured), and exploding bridges. The third level of Contra culminates in a battle against the frightening alien boss, Gromaides. We're glad to see that the new game will have a faithful reimagining of that iconic boss battle!

Contra: Operation Galuga NES Famicom screenshot comparison

Contra: Operation Galuga features:

  • The granddaddy of the run-'n'-gun genre is back, reimagined and more action-packed than ever!
  • A variety of explosive stages!! Infiltrate the jungle, ascend the waterfall, speed through an enemy base on a hovercycle, and more!
  • Team up! Up to two-player co-op Story Mode and four-player Arcade Mode.
  • Multiple playable characters with distinct abilities!
  • Epic, screen-filling boss battles!
  • New and fan-favorite weapons, now with stackable upgrades and incredible Overload abilities!
  • Multiple difficulty options and a wealth of extra content

Contra: Operation Galuga will launch digitally on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam in early 2024. Physical editions will follow (likely from Limited Run Games). Stay tuned for lots more coverage between now and launch, including a developer interview!