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Roboquest 'Super' Update Adds a Super New Character, Level, and Weapon
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Roboquest 'Super' Update Adds a Super New Character, Level, and Weapon

Unlock and play as Superbot and wield his Captain McSlice blade.

RyseUp Studios and Starbreeze's Roboquest is a first-person roguelite featuring a world overrun by robots. As the game continues to grow, so has its roster of playable robo-heroes. The new "Super" update introduces the caped Superbot, an imposing protagonist who wields the deadly Captain McSlice sword. The update also adds a tough new level for our robots to quest through.

Roboquest is a first-person shooter/roguelike that supports 2-player online co-op. After leaving the safety of the hub settlement, players will traverse increasingly challenging levels as they seek loot and complete quests. The gameplay offers the chance to quickly fight through levels or to take the time to explore and find hidden paths. It's tough but fun with a friend.

Roboquest Xbox Series X

Version 1.3 patch notes highlights:


  • Added a new quest to unlock Superbot
  • Added a new cutscene available once you've completed the new quest
  • Added 3 new data-logs
  • Added 5 new achievements related to Superbot
  • Class
  • Added Superbot as a playable class (It will only be available once you completed the new quest.)


  • Added a new weapon called 'Captain Mc Slice', it is a powerful heavy blade that can be picked up at run start once you've discovered it in a certain level (pretty much like the Shovel)


  • Added a new level called 'Harmony Square', it can be accessed through 'Haven City' under certain conditions

The addition of Superbot is the payoff to an April Fool's tease. Hey, River City Girls 2 did that as well!

Roboquest sells for $24.99 on Xbox/Windows Store, Steam, and Epic. The Steam version is Steam Deck compatible. The Xbox and Windows versions are available on Game Pass, so be sure to try the game while you can!