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Arc System Works Announces Double Dragon Revive, a 3D Double Dragon Reboot [Updated]
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Arc System Works Announces Double Dragon Revive, a 3D Double Dragon Reboot [Updated]

The new Double Dragon game looks slick and is coming in 2025.

Double Dragon, the original co-op beat 'em up franchise, is still going strong after nearly 40 years. Double Dragon Gaiden is a big hit, River City Girls 2 is getting Double Dragon DLC soon, and now a 3D entry is coming. Arc System Works recently revealed Double Dragon Revive in a Japanese magazine, showing off some character artwork and screenshots. We don't know a lot about Revive yet, but we fully expect it to support 2-player co-op.

All of the scantly available information about Double Dragon Revive comes from a page from Famitsu magazine, where the game was exclusively revealed. The page was shared by HDKirin on Twitter. Here is our unique translation:

The origin of the Double Dragon series returns to modern times in 3D!

Technos Japan's Double Dragon was released in arcades in 1987.  The latest game is a reboot/revival with new visuals. The story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, the two main characters who wield the "Sou Setsu Ken" martial art, is brought to life in 3D using Arc System Works' fighting game development expertise.

Faithfully reproduces the charm of the arcade version

This work faithfully reproduces the thrills of the classic belt-scrolling beat 'em up while adjusting the controls and difficulty level to suit modern times. Additionally, characters such as the Lee brothers, Roper, and Abobo appear in stylish 3D models.

In battle, a variety of moves will prevent the game from becoming monotonous. Use stage-specific gimmicks and steal enemy weapons to survive. The characters from the golden age of arcades have been recreated as 3D models while retaining their original charm. Now in 3D, costumes, decorations, and well-trained physiques can be expressed in detail.

Double Dragon Revive Famitsu page

As you can see, the article doesn't tell us a whole lot about the game. The character designs are unique and impressive, though, and the graphics look quite nice as well. The only other 3D entry in the series is Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons, a game that got me started here at Co-Optimus but was poorly received when it finally came out. Revive comes from Arc System Works, however, so it has a much better chance of pleasing beat 'em up fans.

Double Dragon Revive is planned for a 2025 release on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Update: Arc System Works has now released a trailer, so we've added it to the article above.

Source: Famitsu via Gematsu