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New Dawn of War 2 Co-Op Mode on the Horizon: The Last Stand
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New Dawn of War 2 Co-Op Mode on the Horizon: The Last Stand

The Penny-Arcade Expo 2009 panel schedule has been released, and buried amid the myriad of interesting topics and discussions appears to be a hidden gem for Dawn of War 2 fans.

It all goes down Sunday at 11:30 AM in the Raven theater.  Here's the description:

Dawn of War II: Last Stand – Discover a game mode where it’s fun to lose.

To date, Dawn of War II’s core offerings have been its epic progression-based Campaign and fast-paced multiplayer that let you get straight to the action. In this panel, Relic developers will unveil a brand new game mode called The Last Stand that will expand the game to include co-operative based arcade gameplay. We will discuss the design intent and some of the obstacles we overcame while developing The Last Stand as well as the gameplay mechanics we used to ensure no one ever feels like a loser.

That's not much info to go on, but The Last Stand is the name of the game's final mission.  If you haven't played it yet, and minor spoilers here, you are tasked with taking on wave after wave of Tyranids with your squad mates before the epic final battle.  Could this hint at Gears of War 2 inspired Horde mode for Dawn of War 2?  Maybe even co-op for more than two players?

That seems to be the growing trend in plenty of games so I wouldn't be to shocked to hear it.   Left 4 Dead added a survival mode, Halo 3: ODST added a Firefight mode and even Relic's own Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor has their Stonewall mode.

We'll have more info as we get it, and of course, will be covering the panel for you Live from PAX in just 3 shorts weeks!

Source: Paxsite.com