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Fairytale Fights

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

This Week in Co-op: Fairytale Fights - Page 2

The final part of Act 2 in Fairytale Fights is very dull.  You are forced to repeat similar looking rooms for around 20 minutes then finally fight a boss in the form of a giant Witch.  After climbing a giant spherical chamber, my pal and I reached the Witch.  Behold!  We fought well and slowly her energy bar began to whither, but where was my co-op partner?  Had he abandoned me in a peak of anxiety?  Had his internet connection faltered?  No, I could still hear him.  His character had just disappeared.  Resolute I carried on regardless, alone, playing a co-op game by myself as my cohort remained stuck in limbo.  And then the Witch disappeared.

The boss vanished.

Good news.  My mate came back.  However, now we had two players and no boss to kill.  We were stuck in perhaps the most irritating glitch I have ever had in over 20 years of gaming.  The type of glitch, which before this generation, would have not been allowed.   We now live in a world were the online patch is king, to the extent that developers will seemingly release half finished games with the knowledge that they can always fix a problem later – if the game sells and they can be bothered.   Games like Castle Crashers and ‘Splosion Man had started life with poor servers, but work was quickly done to improve them.   Fairytale Fights had not been patched.

What happened dearest reader?  Of course we played the extremely boring level again, but many people have not. is a site that provides statistics on what percentage of people who own a game complete certain achievements.  In Fairytale Fights 66% of people complete Act 1, whilst only 41% complete Act 2.  These statistics show that, not only have a shocking amount of people not even bothered to complete the first act, but a drop off of 25% happens leading up to the Witch.
The moral of this story?  You can make your game as rubbish as you like because no matter how poor the experience you throw at us, we co-op gamers will have fun together.  But, please fix game breaking glitches before releasing the product!

(At the time of writing I have been unable to coax my friend out of his fear induced coma to play Act 5 of the game)   

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