Dead Rising 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
[RUMOR] - Dead Rising 2 Offers 2 Player Co-Op Campaign, Revamped Save System
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[RUMOR] - Dead Rising 2 Offers 2 Player Co-Op Campaign, Revamped Save System

It's been a long standing rumor that we'd see some form of co-op play in Dead Rising 2.  When the official multiplayer modes were announced last year and co-op was absent, we were forced to speculate, after all the game was a year away.

Now a rumor from internet forum NeoGAF purports that the latest issue of Game Informer spills the beans on the game, including some pretty major changes.  The biggest and the baddest is a two player co-op mode, though offline or online isn't specified.  It does sound like the co-op is playable throughout the game.

Other changes include a revamped save system, which was the number one complaint about the first game.  Finally you'll have multiple save slots available to use.  The final new piece of information is the fact that the Casino that the game is set in is also a mall, so things won't feel completely foreign.

The co-op mode is good news, and presumably the partner in crime for the game's new lead character Chuck will be Dead Rising 1's lead Frank.  As we all know, a zombie survival game is infinitely better with friends, so it'd be just plain silly to not include some form of co-op in this.  We'll know soon enough if this turns out to be true as the latest issue of Game Informer is shipping to subscribers now.

Thanks rafoca for the tip!

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