Firefall Will Feature 5 Player Co-Op, Dynamic Missions
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Firefall Will Feature 5 Player Co-Op, Dynamic Missions

Firefall, a free to play MMO action game from Red 5 Studios, was announced right before PAX 2010 in Seattle.  The game was on the show floor for all to see, but details of it are still leaking out.  Gamepro checked out the the title and have brought back a nice consolidated list of features from the game.

The most interesting piece of news for co-op players is the number of players supported in a squad - which is five.  These groups can then trek across the open world in the game's over-arching campaign and complete both scripted and dynamic missions.  An example of a dynamic mission was given - in this case it was a random town that was under attack by enemies.  As you can see in the above screen, the game is also playable from the first person perspective - the previous video and screens showed a third person viewpoint.

There's a whole lot more over at Gamepro, we definitely recommend checking it out.  Firefall is set to come out late next year.